The Next iPhone is Coming Up

So it’s iPhone 5 day today. Although it’s almost 12 midnight here in the Philippines, everyone in the tech industry around the world is wide awake anticipating the announcement of the next-generation iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 5. Apple will unveil the device a few minutes from now and I am watching the live coverage of the event online. So the big question now is, “Will Apple announce its new iPhone?” Before we find more about that in just a while, I’ve managed to test the availability of an LTE-enabled iPhone via Apple’s official website.

And guess what I got – a search result that points out to the link The link is not yet working, but the thought of getting such link sort of confirms that the next iPhone will be rocking LTE a.k.a. Long Term Evolution. If that’s new to you, I understand because we still have 3G and 4G signals here in the country. Anyhow, the next iPhone is poised to define the future of Apple. Hailed as the number one company in the world, Apple’s new iPhone, whether good or bad, will clearly define Apple’s financial performance and reputation in the next couple of years. Stay tuned for the announcement. And by the way, for the live iPhone coverage links, check out these great blogs:

Ubergizmo –

The Verge –

GigaOM –

Engadget –



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