The Samsung Galaxy Note is here, too bad I already bought the original one

So the Galaxy Note 2 has been released. This is definitely something big. I mean, rumors about its existence have been around since early this year. I remember it being the “super-phone” way back in December, and I can’t believe Samsung has launched a take-off of the phablet this early. Anyhow, the Galaxy Note features a larger screen and a better stylus pen. The S-pen, a killer feature, is now redesigned to be more ergonomic for its users.

It’s also rocking quad-core with LTE support and it has an almost Galaxy S3-like form factor too. I say Samsung has finally learned to cut the crap in meddling with all those lawsuits. Ouch. In case you didn’t know, Samsung has just been fined $1 billion plus for allegedly infringing Apple’s patent. Apple, being the troll that it is, is quite satisfied with the jury’s decision. So do you intend to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Too bad, I already bought the old one. Guess I’ll have to sell it for 20,000 pesos. Anyone interested? Nah, it’s prolly too old anyway.


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